"A day I'll never forget"

Our day trip with Anan Ben was a day I'll never forget. He took us to visit hilltribes, and our experience was a complete delight. We learned so much about the culture of various tribes, and had multiple conversations and interactions with the residents of these villages. We were, for the most part, completely off the tourist track. We were in excellent care with Anan and our driver, who were happy to accommodate our questions and requests. I would have loved to do more than a day with this arrangement. It was a perfect experience, and an authentic experience.
Visited March 2016
Katherine, USA

Broderick, Australia, August 2013

"If you want to really experience the hilltribes of Thailand then this is the tour for you"

I travelled from Chiang Mai to Mae Sariang and had tour guide Piak show me around for two days and it was just fantastic (although he went above and beyond the two days/one night tour I booked!). It started with a trip like a local through the Mae Sariang markets and then we headed off to the hilltribes. Here I felt like a friend visiting friends, not a tourist. At each hut we visited, I was invited to share with the people and be a part of their family. Piak and I trekked through the hills (and the rain!) seeing some amazing jungle and where the locals live. I met so many people and learned why Thailand is the land of smiles! Visited August 2013 Broderick, Australia

"Thailand Hilltribe Holidays is the best way to experience what North Thailand has to offer"

My husband, 17 yr old daughter and myself combined the Mae Hong Song Loop and Chiang Rai Tours (starting from Chiang Mai), which gave us 8 wonderful days to explore the highlights of the minority groups and villages. Pat (our tour guide) and Winai (our driver) are locals and have wonderful contacts with minority hilltribes which allowed us to experience the most friendly and humble people that invited us into their villages and homes. We also experienced the most wonderful food in restaurants, markets and stalls on the side of the road which we would have missed out without Pat’s guidance. Visited Nov 2012 Georgia, Melbourne Australia

"This is why we travel!

Our family of 5 went on the 2 day/1 night Homestay tour from Chiang Mai last week with Anan as our driver and guide. It was an AMAZING experience we will never forget. Ananhas great English and a fun sense of humor and it was important to him that we were able to see and do as much as we wanted during our short time together. He knows everything about the Hilltribes and we loved learning from him! The homestay itself was with his family in a small village near the Myanmar border and the accommodations were surprisingly comfortable. (We were expecting a bit more rough, so were pleasantly surprised with multiple bedrooms and bathrooms.) His family made a delicious dinner and breakfast for us from fresh ingredients and the scenery was spectacular! His wife, Lucky, is warm and generous and we felt welcomed by everyone we met at the village. Thank you Anan, Lucky and family! These are the kind of experiences that make travel worthwhile.
Visited August 2016
Mindy A, Utah, USA

“We had a fantastic trip!”

My two children (6 & 8 years old) and I recently went on a two day Hilltribe tour with Ananand Chai, while my husband was at a conference in Chiang Mai. We had a fantastic time and I can't speak highly enough of how Anan and Chai tailored the experience to suit the children. Our homestay experience was delightful and we loved spending time with people in the village. It's hard to say whether our children or the local children had the most fun - they all had a great time playing together. Our homestay family were lovely and made us feel very welcome. Northern Thailand is incredibly beautiful. To visit hilltribes and to learn about their culture was something very special. Anan's local knowledge and detailed descriptions of recent history made for a truly memorable experience. Visited August 2016
Michaela H, Adelaide

“Fantastic and well worth while”

My husband and I spent a great day with Anan and trusty driver Chi. Anan is a wonderful guide, warm and engaging and informative. This company was a great fit for us. We were curious, and wanting to learn about the hilltribe cultures in northern Thailand, but we were not wanting a "tour" in the typical sense. Our day with Anan felt very organic...we worked it out as we went. Anan is a hilltribe descendent himself, so it was like visiting places that he is very much part of. A huge difference! It was our experience that this company lives up to its mission statements. It is ethical, non intrusive, grass roots. Thank u Anan and Chi...u gave us many memories and images that we will always remember (and the buffalo in the river is definitely one of them !) Thanku for the great pics too. Visited October 2016 Karen & Lynn, New Zealand

“Unique tour in Northern Thailand”

We had the most wonderful trip in November 2014 with Anan and Winai who took us to places which we would never have found on our own. Through them we had access to the lives of several hill tribe people without feeling too intrusive. I expressed an interest in textiles when booking the tour and was delighted that we got to see spinning and weaving in the villages. As farmers, we were also pleased to learn from our guides about agriculture in Thailand and even had a go at threshing rice! Both Anan and Winai were good company and fun to be with. They are very knowledgeable about the people of Thailand, the countryside, plants and trees and this enhanced our trip greatly. We received a very warm welcome from Anan's family, our homestay hosts, and enjoyed a delicious meal with all the family. Melissa was really helpful with her advice in the planning stages of our holiday and managed to fit us in at somewhat late notice. On our last day, we visited an elephant camp near Chiang Mai where we enjoyed a ride on an elephant, then returned to the base in an oxcart before enjoying a trip on a raft down the river. A wonderful end to our tour! We would definitely recommend Thailand Hilltribe Holidays. Visited November 2014 Sue, Hertforshire, UK

“A life changing Holiday....”

I have just completed a 9 day North Thailand Loop tour with Pat & Sun and it was AMAZING... the best holiday i have ever had! I am a solo female traveller and it challenged me in many ways, its easy to travel in an English speaking country but to be immersed into a non english speaking area where the culture is very different you need to be patient and creative to find ways to communicate...and remember you are a guest in these peoples lives so leave your western ways and expectations at home! As my interests are People, Culture Textiles and Photography i was taken to some amazing spots and met some incredible humble people. We chased sunsets and sunrises for that perfect light, perfect photo and stopped roadside many times wandering into fields, temples, homes to talk to and photograph people... who always had a smile and were happy to oblige.I started the trip cautious of the food as i didn't eat chilli but by the end and much laughter between us i was having chilli... however small the amount! I ate some of the best food in this time that i have ever eaten in my life... and now i am home i am craving more of it. I stayed in a mix of 2-5 star and if i did it again i wouldn't bother with the 5 star...I had 2 homestay which were highlights for me and the visit with the Longnecks and tour & chat with Maplan through her village was over too soon. It made me look at my life and western life and question which of us is the truly blessed! Travelling on my own meant the cost was a little more than i planned so i would recommend travelling with someone else to share costs.... but i wouldn't change a thing about my trip... the extra cost is nothing compared to the value of the experience i had. I will definitely be going back to do and see more in the next year or so and i think a few of my friends will want to come with me! Thanks Pat, Mel, Sun, Jom, Maplan and all the others i met along the way for an amazing experience... see you again soon! Visited November 2016, Jo B, Melbourne Australia

"This is the most authentic and memorable trip that we ever have experienced, especially in terms of forging a genuine interaction with the people we met and travel with throughout our 7-night, 8-day tour. Melissa promptly responded to all our queries and created an itinerary to fit our schedule and interests. Pat has the wisdom of a professor and the passion of a revolutionary leader, guiding us not only through sights but also through some interesting stories behind the places and the people that we encounter. Ek (our driver) was knowledgeable of the route and made sure that we are safe and comfortable. At the end of our trip, we all became friends. Pat even invited us to their home to meet Melissa and their lovely kids. We took the trip to give our 13-year-old son exposure to the lives of the hill tribes and he came home with new skills (starting a fire, using a slingshot) and perhaps a new mindset knowing that life can be difficult but full of meaning. I would definitely recommend this trip to everyone."

We have traveled all over the world, and this is one of the most magnificent things we’ve done. My husband and 4 children - ages 13, 11, 11, and 11 - did the 4 day 3 night adventure with a home stay. It was amazing and authentic from start to finish. Pat is an amazing guide who knows several languages and all of the locals, which means you get an experience that you absolutely cannot rival anywhere else. I can’t recommend this highly enough for adventurous travelers who want off the beaten path and want a REAL Thai experience. We will always remember it.