Hill Tribe Homestays in Chiang Mai and Northern Thailand

Rice terraces, Mae hong SonRice terraces, Mae hong Son
Ban Lorcha - Akha Hill tribe villageBan Lorcha - Akha Hill tribe village

Experience Hill Tribe culture through a Homestay

One of the best ways to learn about hill tribe culture, is to stay overnight in a village with a hill tribe family. At our hill tribe homestay you can observe and learn about daily life of the hill tribes. It offers you a taste of hilltribe life, in an ethical and positive way. Your stay also supports hill tribe families directly and encourages preservation of minority cultures.

Accommodation is basic but your homestay family will do their best to make you feel at home. There is little or no running electricity, no hot showers, and simple bedding in a bamboo hut. Enjoy learning to cook local food together. Meals will be home-cooked local food shared with the family, a typical hill tribe meal consists of lots of rice, green leafy vegetables, flavoured with wild herbs and chillies

Our tours include the option to spend an overnight at a hill tribe homestay. If you would like to spend the daytime in the villages but need more comfort at night, alternative accommodation is available.

In the villages you may find yourself

  • Walking through farmland, picking herbs and learning about local ecology with your guide
  • Learning how hill tribes farm and live off the land
  • At the village school
  • Weaving cotton
  • Cooking traditional hill tribe food with your host family
  • If you're lucky you may catch a village celebration such as a spirit festival or wedding
Karen Hill Tribe Homestay Karen Hill Tribe Homestay Karen Hill Tribe Homestay

Longer stays

An overnight at our homestay will give you a taste of hilltribe life, but to get the most out of the experience we invite you to stay a few days or more. This will let you delve deeper and forge connections with your host family, from which the most memorable experiences are created. Be prepared to come as a guest and leave as a family friend.


We have various homestays, with different hill tribes in villages across northern Thailand

For example, you can stay overnight with at our Kayan Long Neck Tribe Homestay, or even in a Kayan Long Neck village in Mae Hong Son.

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