Kayan Long Neck Homestay

Welcome to our Kayan Long Neck Homestay ! If you are looking for an authentic hill tribe experience, and to learn more about the Kayan Long Neck tribe in an ethical way, then come and visit our Kayan Long Neck homestay.

At the homestay you will have the chance to learn about the Kayan Long Neck tribe, their culture and way of life. The homestay is set amongst the lush and fertile landscapes of rural northern Thailand. You can go on a short trek through the surrounding forests and farmland with a village trekking guide to learn about the local ecology, and how the hill tribes farm and live. Enjoy cooking local dishes together over a local-style fire pit.

The homestay is located around 3-4 hours drive north of Chiang Mai. So it can be enjoyed as part of our 2d/1n Authentic Hill Tribe Tour.

Karen Long Neck Homestay Thailand

Masu at her Homestay


This homestay is hosted by Masu a Kayan Long Neck villager, her husband and two children. The Kayan Long Neck tribe are not native to Thailand, but can be found in Thailand as refugees. Masu fled persection in Myanmar, and came to Thailand. She used to live and work at Baan Tong Luang (a tourist Long Neck village in Chiang Mai). However during the covid-19 pandemic,  Baan Tong Luang village closed due to a lack of tourists. All the villagers had to move elsewhere and find alternative ways to stay and live in Thailand. In early 2021 we were fortunate enough to meet our friend and manager of Baan Tong Luang village, and Masu. In collaboration with them, we started this homestay together, as a way of enabling tourists to  have this unique cultural experience, and to provide a way for Masu and her family to cover daily living expenses. It also provides hope to Masu and her family for a better future, and instills value in their traditional way of living.

How your Stay Benefits the Locals

Your visit provides an important source of income for the host family. As Masu is a refugee in Thailand, she is not allowed to get a job in the same way as Thai citizens can. Therefore your visit is ever more important and gives opportunity and hope for this marginalised minority group. In exchange you will get to experience hill tribe life outside of a tourist setting, and inside one that is genuine, authentic and real.

Currently there is only one host family, however we hope that with more guests, we can extend this to other local families in the area. For information about this homestay or any of our tours please contact us.