How your visit makes a difference

Your visit shows locals here, that the outside world is interested in their way of life, giving them a sense of pride and encouraging them to be actively involved in conserving their culture and traditions. The most important way your visit helps though, is through supporting the local economy. Tourism provides livelihoods for locals, whether it’s as a tour guide, driver or host family, your visit sustains local incomes which has a long term impact.

We get many requests from travelers to donate items or money, this is not the best way to help as the impacts are short-lived. The best way to help is by supporting local livelihoods, for example, by buying handicrafts directly from villagers, or by recommending our tour guides or homestays to friends and family so that more travelers come to visit them.
Do you know of any local markets, shops, outlets or business owners who would be interested in selling handicrafts from the villages? If you do, please get in touch with us, helping villagers to gain access to markets is another fantastic way to help.