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We specialise in authentic tours of northern Thailand and ethical tours to hill tribe villages. We aim to show you the real northern Thailand (not the tourist version of it), by observing and interacting with locals. We prefer to get off-the-beaten-path and explore rural areas away from the tourist crowds, delving deeper into the local culture and way of life.
On our private tours, our local hill tribe guides will become your local friends, sharing the beauty of their homeland with you. Just tell us what you
want to see and do. We can personalise the tour for your interests. Some of the activities your tour can include are; authentic hill tribe villages, local markets, traditional food, farming and photography.

" One of the greatest experiences  you could do in your life. Melissa and our local expert guide, Pat, they don't just sell tours but they offer experiences from real life. Experiences you can not forget. We did the 2d/1n elephants and hill tribes and the only thing we regretted it was that we didn't stay for one more day."
George Tsagkarakis, February 2023

" The Best Tour I've done in my 10 trips to Thailand. I will be back again ! " Tim, Syndey, 2018

" A Life Changing Holiday" Jo Barker, Australia, 2014

" This tour gave us a peek behind the curtain to see what Thailand was like before hordes of tourists descended on it. It was one of the more memorable things we did in the two weeks we were here " Curran, New York, 2017

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Here are some of the tours we offer. We can also customise tours and itineraries based on your needs and preferences. We can also provide special interest tours (ie: handicrafts, hill tribe silver, coffee). Whatever your interest, just let us know :) Please contact us for more information.

Personalized Experiences for you

Each of our trips is personalised to make it the best possible experience for you. This means that although we have standard itineraries, each trip is unique because of how our guides make it happen for you. Whether it be catching the best sunset shot over the mountains, an encounter with a village elder, or watching hill tribe village artisans at work…through our connections with the communities we visit, our local guides will make sure you have the most authentic experience in northern Thailand.

Travel that Gives Back

When you travel with us, its always more than just a tour. It's meaningful tourism... which means that you are positively supporting the local communities that you visit. Our tours are designed uniquely, to enable toursim to generate income for locals directly, for example through our homestays with hill tribes

Homestays with Hill Tribes

Our tours feature the chance to stay overnight with a hill tribe family. This gives you a deeper experience into their everyday life. From cooking dinner together over a handmade fire, to waking up to the sounds of village animals in the morning... you will come away with a full appreciation of the basic and traditional life that the hill tribes live. For more info please visit our Homestays Page.

Cultural Immersion Experiences at our Hill Tribe Homestays

Welcome to our Kayan Long Neck Homestay ! If you are looking for an authentic hill tribe experience, and to learn more about the Kayan Long Neck tribe in an ethical way, then come and visit our Kayan Long Neck homestay.

At the homestay you will have the chance to learn about the Kayan Long Neck tribe, their culture and way of life. The homestay is set amongst the lush and fertile landscapes of rural northern Thailand. You can go on a short trek through the surrounding forests and farmland with a village trekking guide to learn about the local ecology, and how the hill tribes farm and live. Enjoy cooking local dishes together over a local-style fire pit.

The homestay is located around 3-4 hours drive north of Chiang Mai. So it can be enjoyed as part of our 2d/1n Authentic Hill Tribe Tour.

Safe & Child Friendly

Our tours offer a safe and comfortable way to explore northern Thailand. We understand your concerns about matters such as food hygiene and personal safety, and we minimise all these risks to allow you to have a cultural adventure in the safest possible way. Hundreds of families have travelled with us, and most have said it was the highlight of their visit to Thailand. The homestay is a particular highlight for many - watching and learning about how a hilltribe family lives and works, is a cultural eye-opener for many. The villages are always filled with children and animals, a great opportunity for children to interact and discover how people on the other side of the world live.Not sure which tour to choose?

How our Tours are Different

  • We specialise in personal hands-on experiences that allow you to see the real northern Thailand through the eyes of a local
  • Our guides will take you on a cultural journey, to get 'up close and personal' to the local way of life, for example through activities such as offering alms to monks or helping out on the farm
  • Our itineraries are not fixed, this flexibility enables greater opportunity to explore local life along the way, without the restriction of schedules

  • We follow the rhythms of local life, and often come across unexpected local insights and surprises
  • We combine travel to well known places with off-the-beaten-path areas, this channels revenue to communities located off the tourist trail
  • Private tours mean that you receive the dedicated attention of our guide and driver, who can change the plan of the day to accommodate your interests and needs.

Not sure which tour ? Let us customise one for you :)

Not sure which tour to choose? No worries, we can customise a unique tour to suit your travel requirements and preferences. Just contact us to tell us more about your needs and we can advise accordingly.


Based on 484 reviews
Marta R
Marta R
Amazing trip with great people The tour was amazing, we did the 2 days tour with a homestay with a Kayan family. Our guide Surachai was really good and knowledgeable, and really made our trip a great one. He was a local from the Karen tribe. We started with a bamboo rafting, which was alright but if you are more into adventure could maybe skip and do something else. Then we drove to see the Hmong village and market and then to the Kayan village. There a local guide took us around to see the rice fields and the village, really nice scenery and he told us all about the local plants and crops. We even stopped at the local shop to have a local drink (a sort of rice liquor) and some snacks with him. When we came back we had dinner with the family and our guides, the food was delicious, our host Massu and her sister cooked a feast and it was all stuff they had gathered or grown. My partner and I stayed at the village , there is an option to go stay at a nearby hotel, which my parents did, but I would recommend staying with the family to both support and get a better understanding of their way of living. We stayed in a bamboo hut with no electricity, and overall it was pretty comfortable. We stayed up after dinner to chat and play uno with our host and her kids and had breakfast with them the next day. It was really nice to chat with them and they shared a bit about their experience as refugees. The next day our guide took us to do a short trek on a mountain where we were the only ones, had dinner at a local place and then waterfalls. Our guide took us to less touristy places which were less crowded but equally beautiful, and we were glad to support the locals. He even offered us to do a long boat tour near his village, which was on the way to our next destination and he then went to pick us up on the other side, saving us some driving which was replaced by a very enjoyable boat ride. Only thing I would add is that if you want to do elephant camp, check with them before to see where they will take you. Our bamboo rafting was in the same place as an elephant camp which offered shows and rides (which we wanted to avoid). We had done our elephant visit the day before at an ethical elephant sanctuary so it didn’t impact us but something to keep in mind. Overall a fantastic and authentic experience and would it a longer tour in the future. 10/10
Amber W
Amber W
Highlight of not only our trip but of our life as a family We have traveled all over the world, and this is one of the most magnificent things we’ve done. My husband and 4 children - ages 13, 11, 11, and 11 - did the 4 day 3 night adventure with a home stay. It was amazing and authentic from start to finish. Pat is an amazing guide who knows several languages and all of the locals, which means you get an experience that you absolutely cannot rival anywhere else. I can’t recommend this highly enough for adventurous travelers who want off the beaten path and want a REAL Thai experience. We will always remember it.
Pau-Ling B
Pau-Ling B
Experience life as a local Wonderful trip with my kids. Guide was so good. Showing us life as a local. We stopped often to see interesting non touristy places and ate like locals. We particularly enjoyed meeting the ‘lisu’ and Karen people and seeing their way of life. The home stays were our highlights. Our guide was warm and enjoyed showing us his country. He was genuine in his desire to help support these small communities. Highly Recommend.
Brian D
Brian D
Wow fantastiske oplevelser med fantastisk guide, der selv var fra bjergområderne Vi var på 4 dages tur fra Chiang Mai og op i den nordligste del af Thailand. Afhentning i lufthavnen af Surachai, vores guide. Han talte ok engelsk, og vi forstod stort set alt. Han var den bedste guide, der gav os nogle fantastiske oplevelser og informationer. Største øjeblikke på turen: Ophold og Overnatning i bambushytte i Hilltripe hos Masu) Besøge den gyldne trekant Trekke opad Thailands 2. højeste bjerg Doi Ang Khang (det var ret udfordrende og man skal ikke være bange for højder eller være usikker på benene) Grænsen til Myanmar Grotten hvor fodboldholdet blev reddet Bådtur på flod Gå opad vandfald (Buaton waterfall) Vær forberedt på at du bliver spurgt meget til hvad du har lyst til - så lidt forberedelse hjemmefra kan være smart. Eneste minus ved turen var sidste overnatningssted - Chiang dai in love. Toilet var beskidt, der var små insekter/biller i sengene og området var meget forfaldent, så jeg ville bede om et andet hvis du bliver forslået at overnatte der (bambushytte var bedre) Vi var totalt overvældet allerede efter de 2 første dage og 4 dag var vi lidt mættet og droppede bambusrafting.
Maria Fernanda G
Maria Fernanda G
An inspiring family experience! So inspiring!! I travelled alone with my two four-year-old twins for the first time, and this 3-days tour was such a fantastic experience. Our tour guide, Surachai, from the Karen tribe, explained a lot about the hill tribes, their differences, origins and culture, and organised all the details so we could have authentic encounters with these beautiful people. He was so patient with the kids and flexible also to organise seeing some nature wonders such as some fantastic waterfalls and caves. We stayed with a Kayan Long Neck family one night and it was so inspiring. I was unsure about visiting the Kayan Long Neck tribe, so I looked for an ethical and sustainable tour company. But the visit was worth it. The family have created a beautiful homestay. I learned from their resilience and awareness, and hopefully, my children also discovered a new perspective on life, and as a family, we will cultivate a new friendship. Everyone in "Thailand Hilltribe Holidays, Responsible Tours for Northern Thailand" was so responsive. I admire their work, and definitely, their purpose goes beyond any traditional tour company to change the status quo and give local northern hill tribes an opportunity to share who they are and have a sustainable income. Again- as a family- it was just inspiring.
Wonderful, authentic experience! We loved our authentic home stay experience. Thank you for arranging everything Melissa and a big thank you to our private guide, Pat for his insights, knowledge and big, generous heart. I love that he is trying to change lives through training and teaching. Our driver also provided excellent, kind service. The highlight was being able to meet Masu and her beautiful family. We loved speaking with her and getting to know them. Her story is heartbreaking. And she served incredibly delicious food which we all thoroughly enjoyed. Your tour was exactly what we wanted…exploring and meeting people off the tourist path and not going to a “human zoo”. The home stay was a deeply meaningful experience for my kids as well. We included the elephant sanctuary and we also really enjoyed the waterfall stop! Thank you again!!
Terribly disappointing tour with unprofessional guide We did 2 days, 1 night hill tribe tour out of Chiang Mai. This tour was a total rip off and scam for what it was. Our guide, Surachai, had absolutely no knowledge about the areas he was showing us. If I had a question, he would point out to the official short description of the place in English. When I asked him about the war between Thailand & Myanmar, he suggested to read it in a book. We would’ve been better off with just a car and a driver for the day. He was also pretty useless organizing our meals. Both, me & my partner were feeling uncomfortable in the first village we visited. The residents of that village would not respond to our hello and even turn away from us. We were clearly not welcomed. On the first day we also visited a cave & a sticky waterfall. All of it could’ve been done on our own, as no explanations or history of the places were given to us. At the waterfall the guide climbed it himself and was obstructing my photo shot! Very unprofessional. Our overnight guesthouse was clean, but had uncomfortable bed & unusable pillows. Never again I will agree to someone else booking a place to stay. Good lesson. The plan for the second day was to visit long neck tribe village & hmong people village. We were brought in the middle of nowhere and offered a walk in the forest and our guide’s village, instead of walking in a long neck village, as I expected from the tour description. When asked the guide, why it’s a different village, he said long neck tribe is actually just one family, and we will stop there later. At that point we were so dissatisfied with the trip, we just asked to take us back to the city. Then suddenly the guide remembered another, “touristy” long neck village we could visit… really? For some weird reason, they had to stop in 2 different places “to pick up their backpacks”. Why their backpacks were not with them in the morning, if they were leaving back to the city with us?! Suspicious. To be fair, the driver was nice and polite. His car, however was untidy and not cleaned, unlike any other drives we took while in Thailand for a month. Oh, and they made us to pay for the full tank of gas, when we know we only used half at most. Feel scammed and extremely disappointed. Don’t use this company. There are many other much better once.
George T
George T
One of our best experiences It was a reals life experience and not just a tour. Melissa and Pat our trying to do something out of ordinary and. They are showing you how is really the north thailand.
Andrea A.
Andrea A.
Amazing tour by expert guide What an amazing experience! Anan was our guide. He is also a part of the tribe and is the perfect guide for this tour. The itinerary was perfect. It is customizable and he helps make sure you have a great time. We loved every part of this tour, from the elephant sanctuary, to the visit to the villages, the homestay, the food, farm tour, market tour, and seeing the waterfalls, and many more! We did so much within 2 days and it was just perfect. I will definitely do another experience with Anan and this tour agency in the future. Thank you so much and all the best to you!
Recommended! We had a wonderful time exploring part of Northern Thailand. We visited many hilltribes in a very respectful and authentic way. We would definitely recommend this company for your travels. Thank you again!