Excursions from Chiang Mai
Top 7 Excursions from Chiang Mai
October 8, 2017
Travel to Northern Thailand
Travel to Northern Thailand
October 11, 2017

2 Day Itinerary Chiang Mai 


Are you looking for a 2 Day Chiang Mai Itinerary? The itinerary for our 2 Days Authentic HillTribe tour will give you an idea of what is possible on a 2 day trip from Chiang Mai. It focuses on culture and discovering the fascinating hill tribes of northern Thailand . You can visit authentic Karen, Palaung and Lahu hill tribe villages and stay overnight at  a homestay with a Kayan Long Neck Tribe family. Experience the hill tribe way of life in a sustainable way. Cultural immersion, Village life, Hilltribe Nature & Scenery,  Agricultural, village artisans and handicrafts.


With many touristic hill tribe villages in Thailand, it can be difficult to visit villages in an uncommercialised way. The hill tribe villages we will visit on this tour are non-touristic and off-the-beaten-path. As we only visit in small private groups, the experience is kept highly authentic and personalised. Enjoy an intimate cultural immersion experience with the hill tribes, learn about their daily life in an ethical and sustainable way.

Day 1) Visit Authentic Karen & Kayan Long Neck Tribe

Pick up from hotel in Chiang Mai – head out of the city, optional visit to an elephant sanctuary – spend the morning here, bathing and feeding elephants – then we will continue our journey north to Thaton – On the way we will stop to explore local life (roadside markets, areas of natural beauty etc.) – Visit traditional Shan (ethnic minority village), learn about the Shan people and see their traditional woven textiles and weaving – then visit the Karen and Kayan Long Neck tribe – You will have the chance for cultural immersion and to learn about their way of life as refugees in Thailand – Option for short trek with the Karen hill tribe to learn about the local ecology, and how they live and farm – opportunity to cook traditional dishes together for dinner – O/n at a Kayan Long Neck Tribe Homestay

Day 2) Visit Lahu & Palaung Hill Tribe Villages 

After breakfast we will depart the homestay – Drive up Doi Angkhang mountain, a cluster of peaks and valleys that form a mountain range that borders Myanmar – Enjoy the stunning vistas on the way up. Doi Angkhang is home to colourful minorities such as the Palong and Lahu hill tribe – Visit their villages, where these ethnic groups still live in bamboo stilt houses and hold belief in the spirit world – We will have the chance to talk to them and learn about their culture and way of life – Visit an outlook point which overlooks the mountainous Thai-Myanmar border – Optional visit to the Royal Agricultural Project Station – Descend Doi Angkhang, option to stop at a local waterfall where you can play in the waters – Drive back to Chiang Mai, other activities/ attractions can be included upon request on the way (if time permits) – Drop off at hotel in Chiang Mai.

2 Days Itinerary in Chiang Mai - Visit the Hill tribes

Visit the Hill tribes in Chiang Mai


– We will travel through rural northern Thailand stopping along the way to visit villages and areas of natural beauty. There will be a few hours of driving each day, sometimes through windy steep mountain roads.

– The itinerary is an outline only, and we do not fix the details of the day, this flexibility gives us more opportunity to explore the local way of life, instead of sticking to schedules

– This tour offers the chance to learn firsthand about hill tribe culture and way of life, in an authentic way.

– Option to stay overnight at a homestay. Conditions are basic (sleeping in a bamboo hut , no electricity). Or if you need something more comfortable, there is guesthouse accommodation.

– There is the option to go on a short trek with our village trekking guide. He can show you the local ecology, and how the Karen tribe live with nature. This is part of our sustainable tourism efforts, to provide training and a livelihood to villagers so that they have the chance to practice guiding and their English.

– We do not have an all-inclusive price, in order to keep the tour flexible (where to stay/eat etc) and as part of our local fair pay policy whereby you pay local businesses/villagers directly for their services.

If you would like more information about this tour or itinerary please contact us.

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