Mae Lan Kham – Karen Hilltribe Homestay

Mae Lan Kham – Karen hill tribe homestay is located in the lush sub-tropical countryside, one hours drive from Chiang Mai city. Surrounded by rice terraces and lush sub-tropical forest, the Karen have lived harmoniously with nature here for hundreds of years. At Mae Lan Kham homestay you are invited to immerse yourself in Karen culture and village life. You may find yourself walking through rice terraces, learning about how the Karen forage for ferns and herbs. You’ll be invited to cook and enjoy traditional Karen food with the villagers.

Mae Lan Kham homestay allows you to experience the authenticity of staying in a village, but with some home comforts at night. The homestay is built in a traditional stilt house design, but has modern amenities such as comfortable soft mattresses and hot shower.

Income Generation for villagers

This homestay was built to provide villagers with the opportunity to generate their own income in the village. Due to changes of the modern world, villagers now face increased living costs (such as electricity bills and school fees) and many have no choice but to find jobs in the city.

If managed responsibly, tourism to the village is a way for the villagers to earn a livelihood sustainably, and acts to preserve traditional culture and ways of life at the same time. Your stay supports Karen hill tribe villagers directly and sustainably.

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