3d/2n Authentic Hill Tribe & Rice Terraces Tour


Experience the Karen hill tribe way of life. Stay overnight at a Karen Hill Tribe homestay, Cultural immersion, Nature & Scenery, Scenic Rice Terraces of Pa Pong Piang


Discover the authentic Karen hill tribe villages nestled in the lush forests of Chiang Mai. We will visit non-touristic hill tribe villages, in small private groups so the experience is kept highly authentic and personalised. Enjoy an intimate cultural immersion experience with the Karen hill tribe, learn about and share daily life in the village, in a natural and responsible way. Visit the rolling rice terraces of Pa Pong Piang, learn about how rice is cultivated and enjoy some of the most scenic landscapes in Chiang Mai.

3d/2n Authentic Hill Tribe & Rice Terraces Tour

Outline Itinerary

As we follow the natural rhythms of village life, activities can change and we do not offer a fixed itinerary, this is a sample outline only

Day 1
Pick up from hotel - We will head out of the city (approx 45mins drive) into the forested outskirts of Chiang Mai - options to visit an ethical elephant camp  and/or Baan Tong Luang (Long Neck village) - Visit to an authentic Hmong hill tribe village - learn about the ethnic Hmong people and aspects of Hmong life (traditional embroidery and their migration from China). Then we will continue into the sub-tropical countryside, our drive will take us through lush forested mountains - stop to visit aspects of local life such as roadside markets and admire the forested landscape views along the way. We will venture off-road in order to reach a remote Karen hill tribe village. Upon arrival at the village we'll meet some of the villagers, and have the chance to walk around the village and learn about Karen way of life (ie; weaving handicraft and traditional stilt bamboo homes). Using seasonal and local ingredients such as herbs and ferns, we will cook a traditional dinner together over a handmade fire -  O/n in the village at a Karen Hill tribe homestay

Day 2
After breakfast - optional short trek through the rice fields and forest surrounding the village - your guide will show you the flora and fauna - learn about how the Karen farm and live with nature (ie: how they hunt, and forage for bamboo shoots). Time to depart the villages and head to Doi Inthanon Mountain and National Park - as we drive up, stop to visit waterfalls and royal pagodas along the way. At the summit there is a short nature trail -  descend Doi Inthanon and then we'll go off-road for a short distance in order to reach the remote Pa Pong Piang rice terraces - enjoy the stunning landscapes of tiered rice terraces - admire sunset over the rice terraces - o/n guesthouse at Pa Pong Piang 

Day 3
After breakfast, walk to explore the nature and beauty of the rice terraces before departing Pa Pong Piang. For the rest of the day, we can customise this to include sights or activities that you are interested in (ie: temples, handicrafts, markets etc.) please let us know and we can personalise the trip for you. Drop off at your hotel in Chiang Mai.
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Sample Activities
  • Optional short trek through forest and farmland
  • Visit waterfall
  • Visit village school
  • Visit to Baan Tong Luang village
  • Visit an Ethical Elephant Camp

3d/2n Authentic Hilltribe Tour Pics
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Testimonials of this tour

"Amazing Experience"

Pat and his team drove us around Northern Thailand with a 2 nights at 2 different homestays. We explored markets, tasting different fruits, visited Tribes, learning about traditions and lifestyle and they included bamboo rafting a waterfall for the kids. Pat was very flexible with the tour. The homestays were a great experience, the families were very accommodating, with enough food to feed the tribe. Our family gained so much, highly recommend this experience (Kelly, Australia, Visited April 2018)

2d1n Hilltribe Tour Mae Sariang "Unique Experience"

It’s not every day you get to experience life in a small Karen Hilltribe Village of thirty. From our basic accommodations to the openness of our host it was a very unique experience. I had a very enjoyable time with my guide Winai who shared my passion for photography and took me to many interesting places such as Baan Tong Luang Village. I watched him cut bamboo in the forest to make sticky rice for our breakfast treat. His English is excellent and I highly recommend him as a guide. I count myself extremely lucky to have had my schedule work with their availability. My only regret is having such a short time. They offer other longer adventure treks which I would have loved to experience. The office was prompt in responding to my emails and extremely professional. Highly recommend!
(Linda, Vancouver, Visited February 2018)

"Local Living"

We had this trip in the beginning of January (2018) and we must say that it was the best thing of our holiday. The guide (Pat) knew the places where were no tourists. That's why we had an excellent opportunity to observe real local living. We went to see for example poor hmong tribe, local school and hot springs. The best thing of trip was an unforgettable night with karen tribe family, where we lived together with water buffalos, roosters, chickens, pigs etc. Then we ate local food and had sticky rice from a bamboo. If you want to get rid of big tourist groups and experience local living, you should definately have this trip! (Oskari, Finland, Visited January 2018)

- This tour starts+ends in Chiang Mai. We can pick up+drop off at your hotel/airport/train station in Chiang Mai
- The itinerary is an outline only, it is not fixed, this leaves opportunity to explore local life along the way
- Includes an overnight at a Karen hill tribe homestay in a remote village
- Conditions are basic (very little electricity, no hot showers, simple bedding in a stilt house)
- We follow village life, rather than village life following us, so we cannot guarantee what activities you will see in the village. But you will have the chance to meet villagers, be invited into their homes and to see how they live in an ethical and respectful way
- Includes an option to visit Baan Tong Luang village (where you can see the Long neck women, Palong, Lahu, Hmong, Lisu hill tribes). It can provide an educational and all-round insight into a wide variety of hill tribe groups. You can decide about this on the day, with your guide
- This tour can be customised. Please contact us for more details