Chiang Mai Private Tours

Our Chiang Mai Private Tours where you travel with your own private guide, driver and car, enables you to have a highly authentic and personalised experience of Chiang Mai.  This means that you’ll receive dedicated attention from them, and that the tour can be tailored to your needs and preferences. Private tours are more costly than group tours, but are usually worth the extra that you pay, in terms of authenticity of experience and quality of service.  As we specialise in unique and responsible tours, we do not offer group join-in tours, or package tours.

If you’re just looking to get a general flavour of Chiang Mai, then a group tour will probably be fine. If you want to have a deeper cultural experience, or gain a deeper level of understanding then a private tour of Chiang Mai is recommended.  If you have special requirements, such as limited mobility then a private tour will able to accommodate any special needs.  If you are somebody who likes flexibility, then a private tour will be just what you need. Whereas group tours are restricted to schedules and have to follow a fixed itinerary.

Private Tours of Chiang Mai

Private Tours of Chiang Mai

For private tours of Chiang Mai , the price you pay is often just for the guide/driver and vehicle. Then all other costs (petrol, meals etc.) are extra. This is because cost such as petrol etc. will vary for each trip, and so you can pay accordingly.

Private Driver and Guide – The Benefits

Having your own private driver and guide, means greater flexibility in how you travel. You can have a say in the itinerary, stop when you want, and travel at your own pace. You won’t have to keep up with the requirements of a group tour. So it’s great for those needing more flexibility such as families travelling with children. Sometimes you can hire a driver who also acts as a guide. And you’ll pay a flat price for his services and car. This is great if you just need transportation and a bit of information, but the quality of guiding you receive will vary immensely. So it’s best to do do some research on drivers and guides that receive good feedback from clients. Also note that to work as an official tour guide, a tourist guide license is required, and this is issued by the Tourism Authoriy of Thailand (T.A.T). Safety is of utmost importance as well, so look out for feedback about safe driving style and standards.

Here are some of our private tour offerings:

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