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June 5, 2014
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July 13, 2014

Have you enjoyed your travels with us? Would you like to stay engaged and give something back to the local communities after your trip? If so, here are some easy post-travel tips and things you can do once you’re back home.

1) Keep in touch
Your homestay hosts and locals that you meet, will be very happy if you keep in touch. Many locals have email and even Facebook these days, so you can connect with them online. Their internet access may be limited, so please be patient if replies are slow

2) Send pictures
The villagers love seeing photos of themselves, so if you have taken any nice ones during your stay it’s greatly appreciated if you could post copies back to them.  You can send digital copies to us at) info@thailandhilltribeholidays.com or print copies to the postal address below

3) Handicrafts
Do you have connections or links at home with any shops, businesses or organisations, who would want to buy handicrafts from the villages? Helping to connect the villagers to a buyer is a great and sustainable way to support their skills. If you can help in this way please write to us about it

4) Leave feedback
We are always looking for ways to improve our tour experiences for you, so please let us know your comments, via our online feedback form or by emailing us

5) Spread the word
If you have enjoyed your trip with us, please recommend it to your friends and family. You can:

….. And of course, the best post-travel tip would be to come back and visit again, which we hope you will have the chance to do 🙂


Postal address:
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