10 Facts about Mae Hong Son – Did you know that ?
November 15, 2013
Drive Mae hong son loop
Travel the Mae Hong Son Loop
February 12, 2014

Mae Hong Son’s remote locale, rugged landscapes, indigenous culture and authenticity, makes it a popular destination if you are seeking something a little different.  Its mountainous geography, means that any journey to and through Mae hong son province is a windy one, through some 1,864 curves on mountain roads.  The views along the way are quite spectacular though, some of the best in Thailand, and you will be rewarded with authentic cultural encounters that are hard to find in other parts of the country.

If you are planning a trip to Mae Hong Son, you may be wondering how much time you will need. Many travellers underestimate the travel time needed, leaving only 2 or 3 days which will only get you as far as Mae Sariang or Pai, the first legs into Mae Hong Son province.  The rough guide below outlines the transport available,  travel times and distances

Travel times in Mae Hong Son province

The most comprehensive route is the Mae Hong Son loop which starts and finishes in Chiang Mai, and makes a circular route through the province on the following course; Chiang Mai –Mae Sariang- Mae Hong Son- Pai-Chiang Mai (which can also be done in reverse order).  A minimum of 5 days is recommended for this route, however if you do not have time to do the loop in full, please see our Mae Hong Son trip post for shorter itineraries

From To Travel time by road (hrs) Transport options No. of days to be allocated in travel schedule * Notes
Chiang Mai Pai 3 bus, minivan, car,flight 1
Chiang Mai Mae Hong Son 6 Bus, minivan, car,flight 2 Direct travel in 1 day not advisable. Overnight in Pai recommended. For travel by minivan connect in Pai
Chiang Mai Mae Sariang 4 bus, minivan, car 1
Mae Sariang Mae Hong Son 3 bus,car 1
Mae Hong Son Pai 3 bus, minivan, car 1

* Indicates no. of days you should allocate in your schedule for road travel time only. It does not include time for day trips or sightseeing

Useful info

* Minivan tickets are only marginally more expensive than public bus, but are much more comfortable and quicker

* It is possible to book public bus tickets at the bus station only

* Prempracha Minivan tickets can be booked on the phone, but only for (Chiang Mai to Pai) and (Chiang Mai to Mae Sariang) routes. You must pay and collect tickets at the bus station at least 1 hour before departure time

Useful contact info

Chiang Mai Arcade bus station – 053 304748 / 053 242664

Pai bus station – 053 064307

Mae Hong Son bus station – 053 684100

Mae Sariang bus station – 081 288 4484

Prempracha minivan company (operates between Chiang Mai-Pai, Chiang Mai-Mae Sariang, Pai -Mae hong son) – 053 492999, 053 304748,

Kan Airlines (flights from Chiang Mai to Pai and Mae hong son)

Nok Air (flights from Chiang Mai to Mae hong son)

Prempracha minivan from Chiang mai to pai, mae sariang, maehongson

Minivan chiang mai to pai, mae sariang, mae hong son. Courtesy of www.premprachatransports.com/


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