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April 12, 2014
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June 25, 2014

During your travels of Thailand, there’s an abundance of activities for you to get stuck into, from cooking classes,  to treks, to market and temple tours. However some of the most authentic experiences and best ways to learn about local life, aren’t offered by the mainstream tourist market, and easily missed by travellers.  But fear not, when you travel with us, you can experience alternative and authentic activities, first-hand with the help of our local guides.  Here are our 6 Top Authentic Thailand travel experiences –

1) Buffalo Riding

Everyone’s heard of elephant riding in Thailand, but how about buffalo riding ?  Living with buffaloes was an integral part of everyday life  in rural Thailand.  It was once common to see Thai village boys riding and playing with buffaloes, as local families used them for ploughing and farming,  but nowadays this has widely been replaced by machinery.

Travel with us ….. Ride a buffalo in the Thai countryside like locals used to

Buffalo riding Thailand

Buffalo riding in Mae Hong Son,              north west Thailand

2) Amazing sun sets  
Wherever you are in the world, there is a sunset everyday. But how many travellers experience the full beauty of a sunset over the mountains of northern Thailand?

Travel with us…… Experience sunset from some of the best viewpoints in Thailand

sunset mae hong son_edit_400_209

Sunset from the mountains of Mae hong son

3) Farming
Thailand is the world’s top rice exporter, and farming is the main livelihood for most of the rural Thai population. It’s a huge part that shapes Thai culture and life.  How many travellers get to experience Thai farming first-hand ?

Travel with us….. get down and dirty in the rice fields, learn how to plant and harvest rice with local farmers

Rice farming Thailand

                           Join in the rice planting with local farmers


4) Hands-on handicrafts
There’s a plethora of handicrafts available here,  from ceramic, to wood carving to textiles  – the cottage industries northern Thailand is famed for. You can even see local artisans at work,  in the handicraft area of Sankhampaeng road. Most tourists will buy handicrafts in some form or another on their travels, but how about trying to make them?

Travel with us….. get hands on and try the art of silversmithing with the village silversmith. Or try cotton weaving with hill tribe ladies

Cotton weaving in Thailand

                  Try cotton weaving                    

5) Giving alms to monks 
Some early risers will see this, whilst the rest of us are sound asleep.  A traditional part of every day life in Thailand –  Buddhist monks walking the streets on their morning alms rounds. Local people will get down into a crouching position and offer food into the monk’s alms bowl and receive a holy blessing.

Travel with us….. and with the help of your local guide, you too can partake in this special ritual

Alms giving to monks in Thailand

Giving alms to monks in the early                                 morning

6) Real Homestay experience
Many travellers in search of the ultimate authentic Thai experience, look for homestays. Sometimes a homestay can turn out to be just another b’n’b without cultural exchange or learning, but a genuine homestay experience with a local host family, could open up your whole perspective of Thailand and it’s people.

Travel with us….. and experience the warmth and hospitality at our hill tribe homestay with a local family, who will share their way of life with you

Thai Homestay with hill tribe family

                                       Enjoying dinner at our hill tribe homestay

For more information on how you can enjoy these top authentic experiences visit  Thailand Hilltribe Holidays  or contact us at –


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