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10 Best Family Friendly Hotels and Resorts in Chiang Mai in 2023

10 Best Family Friendly Hotels & Resorts Chiang Mai

10 Best Family Friendly Hotels and Resorts in Chiang Mai in 2023

If you are travelling as a family to Chiang Mai you’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to hotels or resorts suitable for kids. There are accommodation options to suit every family’s taste and budget. When choosing a hotel, you’ll need to decide which part of Chiang Mai you want to stay in. The main areas of the city are; the old city, the outskirts of the old city, Nimmanhemin road, and the Night Bazaar area (Chang Klan). In no particular order, here are our top picks for the 10 Best Family Friendly Hotels and Resorts in Chiang Mai.

1. Horizon Village & Resort

The Horizon Village & Resort is simply amazing ! It’s not only a resort, but there are botanical gardens, labyrinths, a petting zoo, several outdoor playgrounds, and swimming pools. If you’re staying at this resort, your kids might not want to leave ! The grounds are simply huge and there’s so much to keep the kids entertained. The resort is a popular venue for conferences and events. The only disadvantage is that it is located 20 minutes outside of the city, and it is not within walking distance of any shops or restaurants.

2. Smile Lanna Hotel

Out of all the hotels we surveyed, the Smile Lanna hotel impressed us with their service and friendliness of the staff. The family room was located at the back of the hotel away from the pool. The family room was very spacious with 3 single beds, with the capacity to add an extra bed and a crib. There is a small balcony with a small view overlooking the back of the hotel (all their family rooms have a city view, not a pool view). It also has a bathtub and shower.

The Smile Lanna is located on the south side of the moat, just outside the old city, and built on wide open ground. The hotel feels more like a resort, in comparison to hotels inside the old city which don’t have much space and therefore feel more cramped. The architectural style of the hotel is Lanna (northern Thai style) and its gardens are designed to feel like the Lanna countryside. When we visited they even had a free beadwork and diy soap workshop activity for kids.

Smile Lanna Family Room Chiang Mai

Smile Lanna Family Room Chiang Mai

3. Rabeang Pasak Treehouse Resort

For a totally unique place to stay, why not try Rabeang Treehouse ? The Rabeang Treehouse is not only a place to stay, but a total experience in itself. Immerse yourself and the kids in nature, and enjoy being in the outdoors. There’s a restaurant on site that serves delicious Thai food and local coffee.
There are lots of cool outdoor activities for kids here, such as hiking, visiting caves, and roasting marshmallows over a firepit.

Rabeang Treehouse Chiang Mai

Rabeang Treehouse Chiang Mai

4.  42 Café Garden and Resort

This is a bit of a hidden gem, and you won’t find much about it online. This operation is a café garden which also has rooms and accommodation. It is more known about by locals rather than tourists. The 42 Café Garden and resort is only 10 minutes drive from the city and is a small oasis tucked away off the busy 106 Chiang Mai- Lamphun road. The resort has beautiful tropical gardens with a natural stream running through it, where kids can enjoy feeding the fish.
The swimming pool has a small children’s pool as well, only be careful because the floor is tiled and therefore very slippery. Apart from this, so many aspects of this resort make it a great place to stay with or without kids. The rooms are spacious and its family room features a 2 bedroom suite. Some of the rooms also have sofas which fold down into beds.

When you stay here, you’ll get the feeling that you’re not staying at just another tourist jaunt, but something that has more of a local-family feel. They also serve delicious Thai food, at extremely good prices !

42 Garden Cafe Resort Chiang Mai

42 Garden Cafe Resort Chiang Mai

5. Viang Thapae Resort

The Viang Thapae has 2 buildings. There is the original building which is older, and a newer building right next to it. Both buildings have their own swimming pool. Unfortunately, all the rooms were occupied in the new building, so we viewed the family suite room in the original building.

This room has a large double bed and single bed. An extra bed and cot can be added upon request. The room also has a smaller adjoining room, intended as an extra living space and place to relax. The hotel is built and decorated in old Lanna style, with wooden floors and accents.  The most kid-friendly aspect of this hotel is the swimming pool which had steps and a shallow section suitable for toddlers. Their restaurant also had baby high-chairs.

Viang Thapae Family room Chiang Mai

Viang Thapae Family room

6. Rimping Village

Rimping Village is located in a quiet and leafy area of Wat Gate which is on the east side of the Ping River, away from the hustle and bustle of the city centre. This is ideal for families looking for a quiet and relaxing stay, but still want to be close to the markets and action. This hotel is well-established as a family-friendly resort, and has consistently received good reviews online from families over the years. The reviews often mention the large and comfortable family rooms (featuring adjoining rooms). Their family suite room has one queen bed and two single beds.

7. Yaang Come Village

This hotel located right by the night bazaar consistently receives good reviews all round. It is popular amongst families with older children due to its large and spacious family rooms. The hotel has Lanna style buildings and rooms with lots of greenery. It offers a tranquil place to stay amidst the hustle and bustle of the night market area.

8. Lanna Resort

The Lanna resort is a local gem located in the Hang Dong area approximately 30 minutes drive south of the city. If you are looking for a peaceful place to stay outside of the city, then this could be ideal. It’s based on massive grounds with a vast open-spaced and well-maintained lawn that is great for the kids to run around on and burn off some energy. It’s situated by the river, and this is one of the key features of the resort – you can play in the shallow waters of the river (which is around knee-high deep) – such a treat for kids !

Lanna Resort Chiang Mai

The stream by Lanna Resort Chiang Mai

9. Khum Paya Resort & Spa

This is an upscale Lanna-boutique style resort located 10 minutes drive from the old city. This resort has 85 rooms and every room has direct pool access, so this could be suitable for families with older kids or teenagers, but maybe less suitable for families with young children or toddlers. There’s a large lagoon-shaped pool, with a small kids play area by it. They also have interconnecting rooms which is always great for families. This resort is part of the Centara hotels group.

10. Hilltribe Homestay

Ok, so not technically a hotel, but we feel that if you are travelling to Chiang Mai with kids then spending a night at one of our hill tribe homestays in the countryside, is highly recommended ! You’ll be surrounded by nature, animals and other village children – a unique cultural and education experience for kids. We have taken hundreds of families over the years to stay at our hill tribe homestays and the resounding feedback is that it has been the highlight of their holidays ! At the homestay, you’ll have the chance to cook meals together with your guide and host family – food is always freshly prepared so its hygienic and safe.

Our Hilltribe Homestay is about having a cultural adventure,  but we make it as safe as possible for guests, so when comes to matters such as mosquito nets and clean drinking water – we’ve got you covered ! For more information about this please visit our hilltribe homestays page or contact us .

Hilltribe Homestay Family Friendly Accommodation Chiang Mai

Our Hilltribe Homestay – Family Friendly accommdation – A cultural and educational experience for kids and adults

We hope you enjoyed our round up of the 10 Best Family Friendly Hotels and Resorts in Chiang Mai. If you have stayed at any child friendly accommodation in Chiang Mai and would like to recommend it, please tell us about it – we would love to hear !

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