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When is the best time to visit northern Thailand ?

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When is the best time to Visit Northern Thailand ?

When is the best time to visit Northern Thailand? …..This is a question we are often asked, so we’ll share the info with you and some pics to give you a visual idea.

Winter (Nov-Feb)
This is tourism high season and travellers visit at this time because of the all round pleasant and dry weather conditions.  Daytime temperatures are around 28-30 celcius, and night time temperatures can drop to 10 celcius (and even lower than this in the mountains).

Summer time (March-April)
The hottest time of year, with daytime temperatures often climbing beyond 32+ celcius. This is also the season when farmers burn the fields and forests, so air quality is poor and visibility of mountain views reduced by haze. Despite being the least preferable time to visit north Thailand, it’s also when Songkran (Thai New year) and Poy Sang Long (Buddhist Novice monk ordination ceremony)  are celebrated, and any cultural experiences won’t be affected.

Rainy season (May-Sep)
Many people avoid rainy season, but we think its one of the best times to visit!  The rain often comes in short downpours, but is rarely severe or prolonged enough to interfere with travel. There are also many advantages to visiting during this time, when the nature and scenery is at its most lush green, and less tourists are around.



Seasonal Landscapes – north Thailand

So, when is the best time to visit northern Thailand? ……We recommend the best months to travel are in May-June and September-October 

Why? Because these are the ‘shoulder’ months which are quiet, so less tourists, great hotel rates and great weather !

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