Please follow these guidelines when visiting a hill tribe village in Thailand.  Note that every village is unique, but these are some basic rules to help ensure you don’t cause offense to anyone, and visit in a respectful and sustainable way

  • Please take off your shoes before entering a house, temple or building
  • Please do not touch spirit catchers or religious symbols, which are often found at the front of the house or village entrance. Hill tribe villagers believe these are sacred
  • If you promise to send photos back to villagers, please follow through and remember to do so. It creates disappointment amongst villagers when they wait for pictures that never arrive
  • Instead of donations, a sustainable way to support the village economy, is to purchase handicrafts made by villagers, or paying for homestay accommodation and meals. If you would like to go that extra step, are there any organisations or local markets at home that would want to purchase village handicrafts? Connecting the villagers to a buyer is a fantastic way to create a sustainable channel for them to generate supplemental income
  • As with Thai culture, please dress modestly. Female attire should cover the knees, shoulders and chest. Please avoid low cut tops and anything above the knee
  • Please do not show strong affection in public
  • Please do not touch people’s heads and do not raise your legs and feet or point them at anybody. The head is considered the most sacred part of the body, and the feet are the lowest
  • Remember that common courtesy and a smile will always go a long way 🙂

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