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July 13, 2014
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How to visit Hill tribe villages – In an Authentic & Responsible way

There are many hill tribe village tours in Thailand, and it can be difficult for travelers to find a way to visit hill tribe villages authentically and responsibly. There are many villages inundated with groups of tourists that have disrupted village life, socially, economically and environmentally. This has mostly occurred with group package tours and treks, and as a tourist, your experience of hill tribe culture will be quite different on one of these, compared to visiting in a small group that is culturally sensitive.

Good relationships with villagers

As we have established good relationships with the villagers, they are happy for us to visit. We also travel with a hill tribe guide, who acts as a bridge into hill tribe culture and way of life for you. Some travellers are disappointed when they don’t see more people or activity in the village, but as we specialise in authentic experiences, we follow the natural rhythm of village life, and do not expect them to modify their daily life for us.

Use a village guide

Therefore, as part of our 1 day Hilltribe tour we offer the opportunity to visit ‘Baan Tong Luang’ village which is geared towards tourists requiring an entrance ticket, but also serves as a cultural preservation project.

For some, visiting this type of village to take photos of people in traditional dress can feel a bit contrived, and is not for everyone. On the flip side, it can be a culturally interesting an educational experience which offers an all round glimpse of traditional village life, which cannot be seen in a short time in more authentic villages. Furthermore, your visit supports the village economy. Our company is the only one to use a local village guide, so your visit becomes a more meaningful and interactive one. We pay the village guide a small fee, which is our way of supporting and investing in the villagers.

Tip – If you would like to support hill tribes directly, its always nice to buy souvenirs or handicrafts directly from them, as it’s an important source of income for them.

Try a Homestay ?

On our longer overnight tours, there is the chance to stay overnight at a hill tribe homestay. Our homestay option is a great way for travellers to gain an authentic insight into hill tribe culture in a culturally constructive way. If you want to learn first-hand about what hill tribe life and culture is like, and interact with hill tribe villagers, a homestay can be a very rewarding and culturally enriching experience. And for your host family your stay is important supplemental income.

Non-Inclusive Pricing

Through our non-inclusive pricing, where you pay for accommodation and meals separately, means that small local businesses directly from your visit.


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