2d/1n Authentic Hill tribe tour


Experience the Lawa and Karen hilltribe way of life. Cultural immersion, Hilltribe Homestay, Educational, Agricultural, Hilltribe schools & Village handicrafts.


With many touristic hilltribe villages in Thailand, it can be difficult to visit authentic villages in a non-intrusive way. On this 2d/1n tour with our local hill tribe guide, you can experience hilltribe culture and way of life, in a natural and responsible way.

2d/1n Authentic Hill tribe tour

Day 1

As we follow the natural rhythms of village life, activities can change and we do not offer a fixed itinerary, this is a sample itinerary only.

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  • Depart Mae Sariang for Lawa and Karen hilltribe villages nestled in the mountains.  Enjoy the views as we ascend the windy mountain road (1,200m above sea level)
  • Upon arrival at the first village, visit a Lawa hilltribe family, in their traditional wooden stilt house.  Walk around the village, observing and learning about daily hilltribe life, customs and traditions
  • Visit the village silversmith who uses traditional methods to produce hilltribe silver jewellery. Optional activity) Learn to make a silver ring with the silversmith
  • Enjoy a traditional hilltribe lunch with a family in the village
  • A few kilometers off-road, visit a remote and traditional Karen hill tribe village. Walk around the village, observing daily village activities, you may see women pounding rice, cutting firewood, or weaving.  Learn about the Karen hilltribe way of life, culture and customs
  • Visit the village school where you can observe classes
  • Visit a mountain temple where Pat’s mum is head nun. Learn about Buddhism, meditation and life as a Buddhist monk/nun. Enjoy the tranquil location and mountain panorama from the temple rooftop.
  • Experience the warmth and hospitality of your host family, as you prepare a traditional evening meal together and enjoy cultural exchange. Overnight at the hilltribe homestay
Day 2
  • Enjoy the early morning melody of village life as you awake to the sounds of animals,
  • Breakfast at the homestay, before continued walk and activities not covered on day 1
  • Depart the villages and head back to Mae Sariang town
  • Last sights of Mae Sariang town, end of tour
Sample Activities
  • Walking through farmland picking herbs and learning about local ecology from your guide
  • Learning about how hilltribes farm and live off the land
  • At the village school
  • Weaving cotton on a back-strap loom
  • Learning how to make silver with the village silversmith
  • If you’re lucky you may catch a village celebration such as a spirit festival or wedding
Testimonials of this tour
 " An Unforgettable Experience"  (Joseph, California)   
    " Loved it"  (Hayley, Australia)  
  An amazing experience of the real Thailand"
(Broderick, Australia)
  Chiang mai to Chiang Rai
  • This tour departs from Mae Sariang town (Mae Hong Son province). Visitors will need to travel independently to Mae Sariang
  • From Chiang Mai Arcade bus station there are daily and regular mini-van departures (approx 3.5hrs journey), we can provide information and assistance on this
  • Overnight will be at a hilltribe homestay in a village. Conditions are basic, homes will have electricity and simple bedding, but no running hot water. Please visit our Homestay page for more info
  • This tour is also included as part of our 5d/4n Mae Hong Son Loop tour
  • For a deeper cultural experience we recommend extending this to 3 days.

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