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December 16, 2013
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February 26, 2014
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Drive Mae hong son loop

Here’s a sample Mae Hong Son loop Itinerary outline. This one takes 7 days by road, but you can modify it as you wish, adding days for activities, side trips, trekking etc.

Mae Hong Son Loop (anticlockwise) 

Chiang mai – Pai – Mae Hong son – Mae Sariang – Chiang mai

Day 1) Chiang Mai to Pai (approx 2.5hrs, 134km)

Day 2) Sightseeing Pai

Day 3) Pai to Mae Hong Son (approx 3hrs, 110km)

Day 4) Sightseeing Mae Hong Son/ Side trip to Ban ruam thai & Ban rak thai (Mae aw) villages

Day 5) Mae Hong Son – Mae Sariang (approx 3hrs, 165km)

Day 6) Sightseeing Mae Sariang

Day 7) Mae Sariang to Chiang Mai (approx 4hrs, 180km)

The Mae Hong Son loop , can also be done in the reverse direction, starting with Mae Sariang first. The roads and route are exactly the same, just in reverse order.

Mae hong son loop road

Mae hong son loop road © Thailand Hilltribe Holidays

Mae Hong Son loop (clockwise)

Chiang mai – Mae Sariang – Mae Hong son – Pai – Chiang Mai

Day 1) Chiang Mai to Mae Sariang (approx 4hrs, 180km)

Day 2) Sightseeing Mae Sariang

Day 3) Mae Sariang to Mae Hong Son (approx 3hrs, 165km)

Day 4) Sightseeing Mae Hong Son/ side trip to Ban ruam thai & Ban rak thai villages

Day 5) Mae Hong Son – Pai (approx 3hrs, 110km)

Day 6) Sightseeing Pai

Day 7) Pai to Chiang Mai (approx 2.5hrs 134km)


– You might want to allow more days for the loop,  to give yourself ‘recovery’ time after travelling each leg of the loop, for side trips to beautiful villages and to fully enjoy what Mae Hong Son has to offer

– If you are short on time, you could also do some parts by flight (available between Chiang Mai – Pai, Chiang Mai – Mae hong son) on Kan Air and Nok Air

– If you suffer from motion sickness, come prepared as the windy roads on this loop are unforgiving.  If you need medication, this is available at pharmacies in all of the main towns

– During the high season winter months (Nov-Feb), it’s recommended to book accommodation beforehand, as a lot of Thai tourists flock here from Bangkok and the south to enjoy the cooler climes

– Despite the remote locale, free wifi is offered in most guesthouses/hotels and all of the major towns have ATMs

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